Beginner's Guide to Smart phones

Customer suggestion Brian Pino 

"As a suggestion to help Ting with better customer experiences and to help

customers avoid costly inadvertent charges like mine, I would suggest that

Ting ask customers if this is a first smart phone purchase and provide a guide on

how to do things like turn off data, stop incoming spam text messages

(I learned this from your customer service), and how to block telephone numbers

(the first calls that I received were for someone else and might have been

telemarketing in nature). Such a guide would help new smart phone users like me

learn about the Ting dashboard and about the new Android operating system

(I have devoted hours to this since the data charge).

Also, I called Ting about this several (at least three) times on Saturday and got

sent directly to music - it might be better if an automated system answered the

phone so that I would at least know that I called the right telephone number and

had reached Ting."




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