Emphasize Devices That Are Almost BYODable on Our List of Supported Devices

Hello Tingians!

As many of us know, there is a super handy and extensive list of all our supported devices at https://ting.com/byod/find. Overall, I consider the list very user-friendly and straight-forward, but I have an idea to improve it even further. Some of the devices on that list are soon-to-be supported, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 (joining Ting August 2015) or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (joining December 2014).

Although we include these dates on the list, placing the devices on a list titled "All the Devices that can come to Ting" could potentially mislead those interested in bringing those devices over. Some may not think to look for a date of compatibility. To emphasize that these devices are different from the others found on the list, I propose we grey out the text of that device, or highlight it. 



  • TI looks line you just want the title "All devices that can make the move" changed because it is inaccurate when taken literally, correct? 

  • Hey Bruce, thanks so much for getting involved, I think that's another possible solution! Our marketing team might just be able to whip up a more user-friendly title. I'm only hesitant to do that because if we change it to something like "All devices that can make the move now or in the future" it might create more uncertainty about which devices are currently supported. Only a very small fraction of devices on the list are not yet supported, so I think highlighting those few might do the trick for people interested in those devices, without adding any confusion for the majority of customers who are likely checking the list for another device.

  • No problem. I did not realize you are Ting staff. It is strange that Ting is requesting features from Ting. Split-brain syndrome?

  • Haha! Maybe! It's hard to be constantly improving if you can't critically self-reflect, right? ;)

  • I like this idea.  I am a big fan of Ting but I've always felt there could be a bit more clarity of info provided to the customers especially with phones.  For example, on the Shop page, I proposed that the photos of phones that are out of stock temporarily be greyed out with a note that says "Out of Stock" and another note with the expected arrival date for new stock.  That idea could be expanded.  Grey out the photos of any phone that becomes "out of stock" while putting a brief explanation to clarify.  For phones permanently out of stock, put "No Longer Available" and leave these phones up for a period of time so those folks who are currently in the process of choosing will get the message.  For phones that are temporarily out of stock, put something like "New Stock Expected - 11/30/2014".  For phones that are out of stock and you are trying to get more but not sure if you'll be able to, just put "Working on Getting More".

    As a general rule, customers tend to miss details when there is too much info but there are many people that do much research and want the details.  I think Ting customers fall into the category of wanting the details even if they have to click through a note that says "More Details".  We can have both by using a general "snapshot" of relevant data while providing the details on other pages.


  • Perhaps there should be 2 lists - Current BYOD and Coming Soon.

  • What happened to the list?  It seemed to  have disappeared.

  • It's gone as of mid February 2015. BYOD to Ting CDMA (Sprint) s now device-specific using the FED (Financial Eligibility Date) checker at https://ting.com/byod. Sprint changed this suddenly without allowing any testing. From newest to oldest, look at these, especially comments from Ting staff.



    Ting is now offering GSM service on the T-Mobile network too. The rates are the same and are shared across both services. It is still in puglic beta because Ting supposrt has been swamped due to the Sprint changes. GSM. and a good review in Consumer Reports magazine.

    See https://help.ting.com/entries/105240696-Can-I-Bring-My-GSM-Device-to-Ting-Compatibility-and-Unlocking-Guide

    and https://help.ting.com/entries/89111288-GSM-public-beta-discussion


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