Show Usage By Device On Bills


It seems pretty clear from comments in the various threads that one feature most wanted by Ting customers is the ability to see usage by device on the bills for minutes, messages, and megabytes.  Many people combine devices on one account and then allocate costs to each device when the bill arrives.  The current method of copying and pasting data into a spreadsheet from the website or using the csv files is just too cumbersome.  This is especially true given that the data has been arriving lately in a different format than before (i.e. text before phone numbers in the From and To fields).

If the usage by device could show up on the bills, it would be a simple matter to allocate costs by device using a spreadsheet.



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    Doug Juhlin

    After the bill date it would be great to have the taxes pro-rated per device as well.  Whatever it takes to get a mini-bill per device.


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