Show Device Total on Breakdown for Prior Bills

In the current month, when viewing the current usage it shows totals for that account, and for each device. From there you can view detail on what calls were made by each device or by the total, and the same can be done for texts and data. Currently, when you look at prior bills you can see the total for the account and the granular detail for each device, but there is no way to see a total without taking steps to export to excel and manually calculate the total. Can you please add a total for each device when looking at the Usage Details? I have a screenshot attached to this ticket as an example of one way it could be output. Thank you.



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  • Hey Janice :-) It's a really good idea and definitely something that has been suggested previously. The main reason this has not been implemented already is because we pool the usage from all users and collectively bill the entire account - this is how we facilitate our great savings. Customers are not on individual plans and so we don't provide a total per user. Thanks for the suggestion though!

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