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You should ad an option to add unlimited data....but do it at a reasonable price. I don't use a lot of minutes but I do use data....having a personal hotspot is useless if you are trying to keep your bill down......So I would say you should add unlimited tier.



  • Thanks for the suggestion, Brandyn :-) We don’t offer unlimited plans because you would end up paying a set price every month for something you may not use - we're all about being really upfront about what you're billed for. More often than not when carriers offer unlimited plans they build in the cost of that as much as they can into your monthly recurring charge; it's just not very clear and advertised misleadingly. You will always only pay for what you use with Ting.

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  • Well the thing that I am saying about having an unlimited plan for data is that I don't use a lot of Voice or Text but my family likes to watch videos and my wife just watched 1 movie on the way home from work and poof my data shot right up into your XL tier! And heaven forbid I go on a road trip and have to entertain my family while we drive. So I would suggest that instead of charging 1 cent per minute after we hit 3GB maybe you should add a flat fee unlimited tier that cost $50/month. I was paying $150/ Month with Sprint before I came over and if I paid $50 for unlimited Data and whatever for the Voice and Text I would still save a ton of money with Ting! So you still get to save money and I would be willing to pay a set amount for unlimited as long as it isn't outrageous. 

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  • Brandlyn,

    It appears that Ting may not be a good choice for you. Users who consistently use large amounts of data are not Ting's target market. Users who occasionally use larger amounts of data may be able to save with Ting.

    Ting is designed to not have any hidden fees. Those carriers offering unlimited data cover the expenses for large data users by charging small data (or no data) users more than they should. Ting targets the majority of mobile users who generally get overcharged either to cover large usage users or because the user's usage varies from month to month/ 


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  • I think this is a farce and when you did offer a trial of “unlimited” (at least talk and text) it wasn’t advertised to current customers (I found no email and I keep them all basically) and by the time I found out it was too late!

    I’ve been a customer for 5 years and you can’t let me know of something that I would’ve switched yet another phone to Ting and you would’ve made even more money off me, not less. 

    Seems shameful honestly!

    I wonder if the real deal isn’t that Ting wouldn’t make so much $ off the overages when we aren’t on top of things and we or a child goes into the skyrocketing price range.

    This combined with the basically trying to make it nearly impossible to opt out of the arbitration forced “agreement” is why I’m transitioningaway from Ting.


    You’ve already lost $15 per month from a phone plus $55? for a hotspot I returned plus $20? Or $30 Per month that I’m not paying for that. 


    You would have had those plus another $30-50 per month for my primary phone if your calling and data pricing were more in line with industry standards for more than 1000 minutes monthly, and more than 6 GB monthly.


    I’ve loved the transparent billing though, and seeing what numbers were texted or called, how many minutes, what time (even though the time zone was apparently set wrong in our case), when data was used, how much, etc.

    We aren’t all on flip phones anymore and people can’t always afford home internet or get access to “secure” WiFi cuz businesses and individuals are getting tired of hackers.

    please join the modern era and have an unlimited or at least more economically-feasible pay as you go plan for minutes and data, as mentioned above.


    My aging fam are all elsewhere and my main phone is stuck on crappy MVNOs with HORRIBLE customer service when Ting could very EASILY maintain transparent billing and pricing by just having your dashboard show a comparison.


    For example: if you were on our bucket plan you would’ve saved x dollars versus paying for an unlimited plan.

    or vice versa.

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  • The pilots we ran were limited in scope and target, which is probably why you hadn't heard of them. 

    Unsurprisingly, many who decided to take the flat-rate pilot program have specifically requested that it be removed and their accounts restored to regular Ting rates, as Ting rates were still cheaper.

    And to the point of us making money off the unlimited plans -- that's not exactly how it works. We pay for every megabyte that travels across the network, regardless of what our plans look like. But offering a true "unlimited" plan with no cap or meter in place opens up a few bad apples who can't help but abuse the system and use hundreds of gigabytes for what would have been our one flat rate.

    This is why ANY of our competitors' "unlimited" plans have some sort of speed limit or cap to them. Without these safeguards, said bad apples spoil the bunch and too many people using too much data (that we pay for every byte of) means we lose money the more customers we have. We're not in it to lose money, so we don't offer an unlimited plan like that.

    That's why we're comfortable with our buckets system, and why we'll continue to push back on our network providers for lower rates for savings that we can pass on to you, our customers.

    If you feel like you absolutely need an 'unlimited' plan, you know that we don't make you sign a contract, so we'd encourage you to try one of them out. If it doesn't end up being all sunshine and rainbows on the other side, you can come back to Ting, no harm, no foul. We'll pick up right where we left off.

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  • I’m not talking about true unlimited as no one in the industry does that anymore and hasn’t for years basically, for the reasons you cited.
    I’m a very patient person and I’ve been dealing with more and more apparent lack of concern for the one VERY LOYAL customer.
    I’ve pointed SO MANY others to Ting by word of mouth so not received ANY compensation except worse support and lack of concern over losing my business.
    Please read my edited response above if you hadn’t already.
    I’m sure it’s partly triggering due to years in an emotionally abusive relationship but when I’m done I tend to learn the first time and don’t tend to return to pain and agony and throwing pearls to seeming pigs.
    Something would have to be very obviously permanently different/healthier for me before I’ll return once I’m completely gone.

    And I have teens who one day would pay for their own phone service versus be on their dad’s plan and I would have pointed them to Ting if you maintain the good values I came for originally: CUSTOMER SERVICE and for GOOD VALUE.
    Best wishes to them and Ting but hundreds of dollars a year meaning nothing is worth staying gone.

    Too much like any other MVNO or modern corporations in general if that’s the case, so I’ll just go with any other corporation in general unless I get tired of being just another number to them also.
    My tolerance for such things gets shorter and shorter.

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  • I can't speak to the arbitration clause. If that's really your deal breaker and you want to reserve your right to sue us without arbitration, I'm not sure anything I can say would help the process, and our legal team advises all the time to just end the conversation at that. Though I sincerely hope we could come to a resolution without resorting to expensive lawyers.

    After reading your edited response, I feel I need to stress that we're not in the business to make run-away money when people use a lot of data with our current structure. More often than not, our support team REGULARLY hand-waives large bills for loyal customers once an understanding of the problem and potential solutions is reached. We're talking thousands of dollars DAILY (remember, we still pay our providers even if our customers don't pay us) just so we're all on the same page about the Ting business model and how to most-effectively use the Caps and Alerts program.

    Your plea for us to just become another one of our competitors is asking us to remove our edge on them that you call out yourself -- customer service. We price based on what our network providers charge us, combined with paying the salaries of the people who make Ting Mobile a reality.

    To cut costs, we absolutely COULD become like our competitors:

    - Outsourcing customer service or introducing layers of support
    - Removing or charging for otherwise-free-on-Ting features like domestic roaming and international calls
    - Limiting device support (BYOD covers 2 of 4 and soon 3 of 4 national carriers).
    - Introducing IVR

    Instead, we'd rather focus on what we're known for and doing best, even if that means we're not always the cheapest option or a good fit for high data users.

    Though, I'd like to press back on one of your points, if at all possible. In your estimation, what is the "modern era" of phone service?

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