Introduce unlimited level... XXL?

Franck Kamayou

The different levels are a great way to help customer save money and is different from what anybody is doing today in the prepaid/postpaid or contract/no contract world. However when going over the XL+, the overages can quickly increase similarly to what the big carriers are doing.

May be introducing a XXL bucket where there is no per additional min or per additional charges and similarly for data where there is no per additional mb charges but rather throttled speed. This would be more in line with prepaid carriers and carriers like T-Mobile and a win-win situation for both the low usage customers and higher usage customers.



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    D C

    Hey Franck,

    Unfortunately, your proposal would not be a win for low usage customers.  Sprint will still charge Ting for all minutes.  To give unlimited at a reasonable price point means Ting would have to make up the lost revenue by raising rates in the other buckets.  That would increase costs for low usage customers while benefiting high usage customers.  It really doesn't work any differently at major carriers.  Their low volume customers subsidize those unlimited plans.


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    Rocky Hinten

    The whole philosophy of Ting is each person paying for their own usage, not shuffling and hiding costs.  Ting pays Sprint for the total usage on Sprint's network and then they sell that to their customers.  If someone is running up more and more usage above a maximum, with no additional costs, which Ting customers should they charge that to?  Who is going to pay for that "free ride" that someone is getting?  It's the same thing with other carriers' "free nights and weekend" or "free mobile to mobile".  That does cost them something on their network.  Customers who don't use it much are actually subsidizing the people who use it a lot.  Ting isn't going to work that way, with making one person pay for someone else's usage.

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    Bruce Osborne

    Ting has already stated that they will not do unlimited. Unlimited service means their costs are dishonestly hidden to be paid by other users.

    Ting values their transparency too much to change now. An exec mentions "unlimited" here.



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