Replace the "Sprint" carrier text in the upper left hand corner with "Ting"?

So, ever since I joined Ting - back in 2012 - the carrier text has said "Sprint" rather than "Ting". You know the text in the upper left-hand corner that says the carrier that you are on - depending on what phone you have it might be located in a different place. Considering how often people take screenshots of their phones and post them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I feel like Ting could become very popular very quickly just by adding that small feature. Virgin Mobile, Cricket, and other MVNO's are doing it, I wonder what is stopping Ting from doing the same?



  • That text is built into the phone firmware by the vendor.

    Ting currently uses the Sprint network and will also use a GEM network in February. Since Ting does not have their own wireless network, their network partner's name is on the phone.

  • I agree with Ben.  Other MVNO's are doing it.  Unless Ting is contractually forbidden from doing this, they should.  There is no technical reason it can't be done.  It's just a setting in a database or within a file.  On older dumb phones, Sprint even allowed users to replace the "Sprint" text with text of our own choosing.  Rooted users could probably hack this if we could determine which file contained the "Sprint" text.


  • I'm also curious about this. I just switched my iPhone over from GSM to CDMA. On GSM the carrier text said "Ting." With my new CDMA sim it now says "Sprint." Not a big deal but it does bother me a little.


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