The slidey lock on Photon

This is a minor point, but I've enabled "Use visible pattern" on my Photon, but I still get the slidey lock first. On other Androids, if you use a visible pattern, you don't first have to slide the lock to the right. Is there a way to get rid of the slidey lock?



  • Hi David,

    We ran into this same issue and discovered that it may require a third party app to remove the slide to unlock feature. This appears to be a 'feature' of the Photon Android OS which is forcing the double lock screen. From what i have read, there may be some apps that will add this function to remove the slide to unlock 'feature' within the android market.

    I'm hoping that this was not just 'by design' and that it is a OS feature removed in the Motorola version, and until there is an update to the software that removes this, there is no way to remove the slide to unlock on the Photon with the current OS on the phone even if there is a alternative unlock method such as PIN or Visible Pattern.


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  • Expanding a little bit on Mike's answer, the Slide Lock is the default lockscreen on Android and is built that way by design.

    Phones pre-froyo had this setup by default when you pressed the menu key, CyanogenMod builds up to (and including) 7.1 also had this setup where the menu key would skip slide-lock on phones with Pin or Pattern setup. Phones from Motorola used to have this option as well from what I found while looking around the web real quick. Most phones shipping today do not have the option to skip this screen.

    There is one app on the Android market called "AntiLock" which has this option but it seems to have very mixed reviews, as well as possibly having security problems from what I've read on AndroidForums, so be sure to verify that not only does your intended lock work, but also that other patterns don't as well.

    Best of luck,


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