Removing Sprint bloatware from Photon

The Photon -- which so far is a pretty sweet device -- comes with a bunch of Sprint-branded apps installed, including  Zone, ID, Mobile Wallet, Music Plus, Radio, Movies, and Worldwide. Do any of those work? Is there any problem with uninstalling them? Thanks,



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  • Since your post encompasses a few questions, let me see what I can answer for you. Please note, I do not work for Ting so take my reply with a grain of salt. Also I use a different device so experience may vary there too.

    Do they work? From what I can tell they should still function to some extent or another, you'd probably just have to test them to be sure what does and doesn't.

    Is there a problem uninstalling them? If it allows you to, many of these types of applications are installed into the core of the ROM (the version of Android on your device). Some manufacturers and carriers will allow these to be uninstalled easily, others will lock them in to help recoup some profit (they're rolling the dice hoping you'll actually use any of them). You can usually root a device and force the software off the phone, but be warned that can bring it's very own set of problems (such as errors popping up or the phone may cease to function properly, depending on how dependent they've made the ROM on that software). This isn't always the case but there are a few apps I've seen this happen with on other phones. If you cannot uninstall them without rooting the phone, make sure you get a backup of your phones software in a stock state, in case you need to go back.

    Best of luck.


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