Roaming Charges?

I will have to travel from time to time in an area that will not be covered by Sprint's network. I see that you offer roaming through the Verizon network, but was wondering if there are any additional charges that would be incurred for this (mainly for voice/text)?



  • I'm also curious about whether there are extra fees for voice/text roaming.  Thanks!

  • Hi Bobby and Damien: There are no additional charges for voice roaming within the U.S. As long as you have a CDMA single, you should be fine!

  • My current apartment is within a Verizon zone, but not within a Sprint zone. I've turned off the "Data Roaming" feature (as per: * but am still curious about my charges. It doesn't register as 3G until I'm close to work, and I have Wi-Fi pretty much otherwise. Will I be charged for more usage? Also, I know individuals who are within an AT&T/Cingular zone, not covered by Verizon or Sprint. What happens to them should they need to call out?


    * Even though I've turned this feature off on my Optimus, I still have to decline to roaming every time I get near where I live. Is there any way to say "decline roaming" every time or would that matter?

  • Ben, 

    Regarding your comment above:  "There are no additional charges for voice roaming within the U.S.  As long as you have a CDMA single, you should be fine"

    Does this mean that a Ting phone would effectively have a coverage area equivalent to the Sprint and Verizon voice CDMA networks combined - at no extra charge?

  • Ben,

    I too have the same question as Robert. Since Ting doesn't really have an official return policy, it would be nice to know FOR SURE that if I buy a Ting phone, I will not be charged roaming for DATA or VOICE.

    (The Sprint coverage map in my area looks OK for VOICE, but DATA seems less favorable for some reason...)

    Thanks for clarifying....

  • Adding to this. I found a statement that states we would be charged for roaming data overseas, but it didn't say anything about US data roaming. Does the phone even work verizon 3g? How much is roaming if there is any?

  • Hey folks,

    There are NO voice roaming charges in the US. For data, we do not permit roaming, so if you're not on the Sprint home network, you won't get a data connection (even if you tell your phone it's ok to roam).

    Make sense?

  • Very clear.  Thanks, I have been wondering about that.  My phone constantly asks about data roaming and i am glad I can turn it on, just to shut it up.

  • Are there any plans to offer data roaming in the future?

  • I am not sure how roaming works. Will the phone connect itself to the strongest signal, even if it is not a Sprint tower? I am asking because I am not sure how strong Sprint's network is in my old house but know that Verizon's network is strong. So if, in my house, the phone sees a weak Sprint signal and a strong Verizon signal, which one will it latch on to?

  • Hi Peter,

    As shipped, if a Ting device sees an adequate signal from a Sprint tower, that's the one it will use.

  • Thank you Ben. So to reiterate: CDMA roaming (used for voice) is fine, regardless of the carrier. If you have a strong signal from another network for voice, you can talk as long as you would like and it's charged per-minute as it would be otherwise through Sprint's network.

    If you are not within a Sprint zone (3g/4g or otherwise) you will NOT receive data through a cellular network. The only way to receive data would be through Wi-Fi (free) or through the Sprint network (charged per meg/gig.)

    Is that a correct assessment? One other question: I can still receive google voice texts, which require data, at my apartment even when the wi-fi is down. Is this because I'm connecting to a Sprint network too (albeit very weak?) Can I receive data through means other than 3g/4g?

  • Peter,

    I signed up one phone with Ting and was worried about the same thing you are. The Verizon signal in my home isn't great, but I feared that Sprint's would be worse. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case as call quality at home is quite a bit worse over Sprint than over Verizon (admittedly, via different phones which could be part of the problem - maybe my prehistoric feature phone is better at voice since, after all, that was about all that mattered!). I've discovered if I go into certain locations in my residence, I can get the phone to roam to Verizon and if I initiate a call while roaming it SEEMS not to jump back to the weak Sprint signal mid call even when I go into a part of my residence where I never see it roam to Verizon - but I need to test this more. Perhaps I need to build a little partial Faraday cage to keep my phone in at home which makes the phone stay locked onto Verizon :)

    At home you could consider using GrooVe IP - although making that all seamless may not be possible (esp. for incoming calls). Unfortunately, in spite of a good Internet connection (good bandwidth, low latency), I can't get GrooVe IP Lite to work well enough (echo, delay, and dropping the calls being the problem) from my cheapo Optimus S to use it.

    Anyone want to buy a slightly used Ting Optimus S :)

  • Bill R,

    Check out this url.

    The first comment is from Cathy Cleghorn, it's about how to "Force Roam" on your LG phone.

    Hope it helps.

  • Question: Would 1xRTT roaming be any cheaper than EVDO roaming? If so, why not at least allow 1xRTT roaming?

    I'd imagine there IS a price difference considering Sprint post paid phones default PRL's prefer 1xRTT over EVDO when roaming in many areas unless you load the special 1111x PRL Sprint gives to businesses that need EVDO preferred roaming.

  • I don't have the numbers myself, but I understand that we've considered the various costs/benefits/etc., and data roaming just isn't likely to happen anytime soon. Anything's possible in the future though.

  • does texting operate over roaming areas?

  • Hi Peter, you will have SMS (text messages) ability when roaming domestically, however MMS (picture messaging) will not be available because it requires data.

  • One thing to note too, I use Google Voice and it's corresponding app to send text messages. _It does not work over roaming _because it is not a true SMS but uses data (over wi-fi or the cell network.)

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