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I just received the HTC Detail phone, woohoo.  I'm currently looking for a good case and cover for the phone, a bit difficult in my search due to the phone’s QWERTY keyboard.  Wanted to know if you had any recommendations on protective cases and covers that can accommodate the QWERTY keyboard.   Thanks.



  • Hi Ti, congrats on your new phone!

    Although we haven't tried the case ourselves, we've heard good things about this case from Otter Box. Whichever case you end up with, we'd love it if you could pass along your experience with it. :D

    Thanks for being our customer!


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  • That Otter Box is a good case, Ben. Some people think it is currently the best case for the HTC EVO Shift / Detail.

    I know I am pleased with it. Also, Otter Box has  excellent warranty replacement service, if needed.

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