memory shortage?

Receiving following message when attempting to access web browser to gonto facebook. Brand new phone. No games or other apps were installed...I am only using the factory ones...

"Memory shortage, exit browser and try again"...attempted a memory card with more memory, still says memory shortage...Samsung Reclaim model phone




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  • Hi Kathrin,


    When this happens, it may be corrected by clearing the cache that the browser is storing. To clear this information, we would do the following (confirmed the problem after a long time of using the device and confirmed the fix):

    • Choose the "Toolbar" option within the web browser (the key above the back button)

    • Scroll to the right until you get to options and tap "OK"

    • Select "Clear private data"

    • Select "cache" (the others are optional) and select "clear" and then select okay


    The reclaim uses only the on board memory to store web browser information which cannot be changed. The SD card will allow you to store pictures and attachments/downloads however the SD card will not be used as additional browser storage for temporary files (cache) on the device.


    Mike Whitman

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