Are phone numbers assigned from blocks designated for cell phones?

I'm getting recorded spam calls on my Ting number from outfits peddling credit scams, which we also get on our landline - same area code - but which we haven't gotten on cell phones before, or for that matter Skype or Google Voice numbers in this area code. Now, spam phone calls to cell phones are just plain illegal, even without the Do Not Call list. Just wondering how the newly-assigned Ting number seems to be a special target for them. As if there's any accounting for criminal groups....



  • Just a note: In the week after calling Ting to get a different number assigned, there have been no spam calls. There were several a day on the first number. So it most likely had to do with who had that first number previously, since the new spam-free number has the same prefix.

  • Another note: has a reverse phone lookup feature that claims to tell whether any number entered is Landline or Mobile. Oddly, it shows both my previous and current Ting numbers as Landline up on top of the lookup. It does show my prior cell phone (different area code) as Mobile, as well as a friend's number in this area code. But it shows all these numbers as "Type: Mobile" further down the page. Wonder how these are getting confused.

  • Hey Whit,

    The line between landline and cellphones is blurring, and it's become increasingly difficult to keep track because of local number portability. In general, what you're seeing is unscrupulous organizations indiscriminately blind-dialling an entire block of numbers from VoIP numbers (difficult to track).  I'm glad changing your number got you fixed up though (your previous number was probably on a bunch of telemarketer call lists).


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