PRL/Profile/Firmware over WiFi

Hi everyone -

Like a number of folks on Ting I've disabled data on my Optimus S in order to save some costs. (Thanks Ting for giving us full control of our phones!) So far its worked like a charm EXCEPT when I want to update the PRL/profile or firmware. When the update ____ menu item is selected the wifi shuts off! Obviously this causes the update to time out and fail because it has nothing to link to.

According to android experts this may be a normal behavior, but that said, does anyone know of a work around or a number that could be dialed to force an update? (Similar to *228, but I know Sprint doesn't use that particular number)




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  • I don't know about LG, but HTC has a ##775# secret keycode to manually load a PRL file from the SD card. My version is 50585 on my Ting Sanyo Vero and it's telling me it's the latest version when I try to update. I can't send it, still waiting on my MSL unlock code, but it does look like you can do it manually with a piece of software called QPST:

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