Can I get an actual invoice for the device purchases that I have made?

I have received three separate emails letting me know that I have been billed for three devices. This is good. I do need an actual invoice or invoices. Is this possible?


Please advise me.


-Fred Blue-

C: 250.216.7762



  • Hi Fred, 

    Hi Fred, thanks for signing up!

    If you login and go to Your Account, you'll see an option that says "Billing". From there you'll have three separate charges (one for each phone), by clicking the date, it will drill down and show you the actual details such as sales tax, etc.

    Hope this helps,


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  • Follow up on this prior comment from 2012. I'd prefer to have an actual invoice for accounting purposes, please implement an invoice system for devices.

    Seems odd that service has invoice, even as pdf, while device purchases do not.

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  • Hey Bill, thanks for reaching out. We understand the desire to have an invoice for your Ting bill and it has been something brought up in the past but as of right now it's not a high priority. Additionally, because our billing system is tied to our backend it would require a huge rework in order for us to create the feature. In any case, I will bring this idea to our feature request meeting to express further interest but for the time being your specific billing details, will be available in the "Billing History" tab in your Ting account. 

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