Connect to WiFi for Voice/SMS/Data Automatically?


I am looking at switching to either Ting or Republic wireless. Ting will work better for us in term of pricing. However, I also like how Republic automatically switches your phone to WiFi for Voice/Data and Text whenever available which is not currently a feature available for Ting. Is there a way to set Ting phone to automatically switch connection to WiFi and still use the same phone number?  I've heard about Google Voice but that means that we need to have 2 separate number for Voice and Text? 

We only have talk plan right now so I am going to be a new Smart Phone user.  




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  • I would like to know about auto switching also.  In addition, I'm looking at Ting & Republic Wireless too.  I'm leaning heavily toward Ting because from what I've read, even though RW is still in Beta, Ting's customer service seems to be far superior.

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