MMS with Kyocera Brio and Ting??

So what is the deal, it appears that the Brio supports sending and recieving MMS from the phone but my dashboard for the phone does not have the "Can send & receive picture & video message" checkbox. When attempts are made to send or receive MMS messages they fail. The Sanyo Vero feature phone on my account has the "Can send & receive picture & video message" checkbox on it's dashboard. So what gives???


UPDATE 06/07/12 - As of yesterday the checkbox is visible in the Brio dashboard. So I enabled MMS and all is working now. Thanks to the elves at TING doing things behind the curtains!!!!! This all happened without even a call to support, now that is service!!!



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  • Do the MMS messages count against your text messages or your data usage?  I noticed the option to enable pictures messages is under the Messages center and not the Megabytes center.

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