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Can't wait to become a Ting customer, but I'm waiting for the right phone - Samsung Galaxy SIII.  I greatly appreciated Scott's "Device Update" a week ago.  He commented, "Up to now, we have not shared a lot of information about our device roadmap, which upon reflection seemed very “un-Ting-like”. We want to change that going forward."  Would it be possible to have a weekly update on the status of the various phones most requested, as well as inventory of current popular stock?  It would not have to be long like Scott's blog, but just a weekly paragraph or two would really be helpful for those of us who are eagerly ready to jump ship from the major cellular companies.  Even a quick, "On the HTC EVO 4G LTE, (or Samsung Galaxy SIII, etc.) no change from last week - still tentatively looking at August for delivery.  We hope to take pre-orders around the end of July" or "Samsung Conquer - We're expecting a small shipment by next week, but we have backorders to fill.  It'll probably be around the end of July before you can place your order for this device" - AS EXAMPLES.

I understand from your end, you want to provide accurate and timely information, but as long as you make it clear what is tentative and what is definite, we can accept that.  It's hard sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting for the right device.  Thanks for being the best!



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  • Great comments / ideas. We are working on improving our device comms, and I think the best thing to do would be to sign up to our "ed alert, super special, breathless, breaking device news mailing list" using the form on my latest blog post at .

    We still have room for improvement and appreciate your feedback, we hear you loud and clear and will only communicate more! Feel free to post specific questions anytime in the forums.

    Thanks ~


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