Is a local phone number assigned to a new phone?

I ordered my first phone last night.  Is there a local number (928) that is assigned to the phone?  I have a couple others I may be adding to the same account but I may want to transfer a number with one of the phones.  What do I need to do to accomplish this?  It did not give me the option when I originally ordered the phone.




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  • Patrick, not yet. Numbers aren't assigned to phones until they are activated. When you receive the phone and then activate it on the Ting website, a number gets assigned to it. There is an option to port a phone number over when activating the phone you just ordered. Just sit tight until the phone arrives, and you can specify that you want a new local number (based on the zip code of your billing address) or to transfer a number you previously own over and fill in the appropriate details. See for a bit more information.

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