Does sending picture and video messages count as text messages or data or both?

Does it matter if you send a picture to another phone, how about to an email address? Does sending a video count as a text?



  • it counts as data.  but i'm not sure if it also counts as a text or not. 

    similar question but a bit more broad:

    does any MMS count as a text?  data only?


    the ting app just calls texts "messages" but it's unclear if that's both mms/sms or just sms.  i'm pretty sure the messages allotment is both, as when i get a bunch of group texts (MMS) my messages count shoots up

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  • Hey Byron & Eric,

    Sending picture messages will count as a text being sent, but it will also require data, as the information cannot be processed through the regular voice channels and will require the data channel. This also applies for sending videos. So sending/receiving MMS messages (multi media service messages) will count towards both your text and data buckets. 

    If you are sending a photo to an email address through your email client on your phone, that will use up data, whether you're connected to the cellular data network or a wifi network. 

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  • So even though ting counts MMS Messages as data usage it looks like this extra data usage is not reflected in iOS9 "Settings" => "Cellular" => "Cellular Data Usage".

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  • Hey Bret!

    That is correct, you will not be able to see that reflection of data usage under cellular data usage. The size of the picture is generally the amount of data that is used to send the phone through your messaging app. You can see the amount of room your phone is using to store saved messages which can generally help give you a better idea of how much data it uses as well. Take a look at this article here for a bit more information:

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