Small Text/Data/Voice Packages at the EOM

We currently run into a small issue nearly every month as I imagine lots of other users do. We end up at 98-99 mbs of data use, or 990-999 text messages sent etc.. etc... So we stop using the phone. Believe it or not the continual monitoring of the household and mother usage of the phone can get stressful! Anyhow a couple of times when we had 5 days left we decided to just blow over to the next tier and use the account free for all. What I'm wondering is, if there is any way of having a "buffer" package for data, voice, text as a whole or broken out you can purchase when there is only 1-2 days left in the cycle. I would be very happy to spend an extra 1-5$ knowing that we have "a little" to use and no issue of going way over and paying $13 for the next cycle of Voice or data. This could be a win win for all, since we the customers who may be distraught would suffer and not let ourselves go up to the next scale, and you the company could bring in a little extra cash. Anyhow wanted to see if something like this may have been discussed. Thanks!




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