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There's a default voicemail icon/app on Sprint phones.  On my old (pre-Ting) HTC and on my new SII's it downloads voicemail to the phone.  So when you open it there's a list of messages to play, delete, forward, etc.

But on my new Transform Ultra, same looking icon but all it does is autodial voicemail and I'm stuck with "Press 1 to listen..." etc.    There's no settings that I can find on the Ultra to change it.

I don't see a similar icon/app in Google Play so I'm guessing this was something from Sprint?

Ah, wait.  On the SII I found an About.  It's Voicemail T. from SmithMicro.  I still can't find it on Play.



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  • It was visual voicemail from sprint. The only thing close to that you can use with ting is google voice.

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