If I leave US for an extended period of time and not pay the $6 per device monthly fee, will I still be able to

use my Samsun phone with  wifi in Australia? 


Please enlighten. Thanks. 



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  • Can you give us more information so we can better answer your question.

    whats an extended period of time 1m, 3m 1y?

    What Samsung phone do you have, since you said wifi I am assuming a Galaxy S II?

    When you say use the phone do you mean for internet usage over wifi or calls using voip?

    Basically the phone is yours but it can not be use on other carriers (except sprint). So you can deactivate the line and loose your phone number. Then when you come back you can get a new number when you reactivate your phone. If you need to keep your number you can port it out with google voice or another voip carrier. You will have no trouble connecting to wifi in Australia for internet use but not all US services work in Australia. 

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