Wifi and 3g at same time?

Just yesterday my phone, Samsung Transform Ultra, started acting strange.  When I am in wifi both the wifi and 3g lights are on.  I have a network widget that shows what network I'm on and it always says "unknown address, unknown network.  I am getting a network connection because I can use my phone's data just fine in and out of wifi.  If I put my phone in airplane mode and turn on wifi, then the network widget shows my wifi connection.  One other thing I noticed is that the wifi/3g light and signal bars no longer turn green.  They used to turn green when I had an internet connection.  I've tried rebooting and turning airplane mode on and off. When I turn airplane mode off, the network widget shows Sprint as the network for about 30 seconds and then goes back to unknown.  My 3g data is turned on and I've tried changing the roaming settings from automatic to roaming but nothing seems to work.  Any clue?




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