Does ting roam on US cellular and Verizon towers?

I read that ting uses US cellular and Verizon towers to roam, is that true?



  • Hey Adam!

    We roam on to Verizon only. So if you are in a Verizon but non-Sprint zone you will have no problem with Voice and Text. We do not offer Data Roaming however.

  • Works fine, too.  I live in Boise Idaho, and we do have Sprint coverage here in the major metro area, but in the smaller towns, Idaho is pretty much nothing but a Verizon area.  When I go to some of those other towns, my phone switches over to roaming just fine.  And there is no extra charge for roaming on Ting.

  • We roam to Verizon only.

    I've read in multiple places (including from other employees on that US Cellular is in fact a roaming partner.  Is this not true?  This is the only post I found that says differently.

    My house is in a valley that only has access to a US Cellular tower.  Once out of that valley I have both Verizon and Sprint coverage available.  I thought I found the holy grail here for a prepaid plan that would work with US Cellular so I can get voice calls at my house.  Too good to be true?

  • Call Ting support for a current official answer. In December 2013, US Cellular war not a partner. Contracts change, so who knows now?

    Please let us know what you find out.

  • Hey Tony,

    Our main partner for nationwide voice roaming is Verizon, but we also have major agreements with U.S. Cellular and C Spire, as well as additional roaming agreements with multiple local carriers.

    Please note that this doesn't mean we have access to all of our partners' networks, so check our coverage map to confirm roaming is available at any specific location. Also keep in mind that roaming agreements might change over time, so what's true today may not be true in the future.

    Lastly, we don't currently offer data roaming (only voice and text), so the cellular data network won't work from those locations. As such, you also can't activate a device, place orders or start an account if you're at a roaming location. This is in place to prevent you from having a sub-optimal Ting experience.

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