No service

My phone shows 'No Service.' Is there an issue in my coverage area or some other system-wide problem, or an issue with my account?



  • Hi Nell,

    Your home address is an an area with the strongest level of Sprint coverage. I did a tower check for the home address we have on file for your account, and everything looks to be running as usual. To get a little bit more specific, I'm going to e-mail you and look into what areas you've been experiencing trouble in and how long the problem has been going on for. 

    All the best,


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  • Since this morning (and it has persisted all day, both at work and at home) I have had absolutely no service. It was working fine the night before...

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  • Hey Kegan.  We opened up a support request for you. Feel free to reach out to us with that reference number so we can continue investigating it.

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  • Phone SIM taken out few time and phone restarted few times still no service

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    Hey Muhammad,

    Please check your Ting account, to see if international roaming has been enabled for the device you are looking to use for Roaming.

    Here is how to do so:

    Log into your Ting account>Device settings>click on the phone number for the device you want to roam with>Next to "Minutes" click on the blue crayon to edit>From there, a box will come up to toggle settings, there you toggle the international roaming on>and click save.

    Once you have done this, turn your phone off and on, and test the device for international roaming.

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