Why do I get Message Size Exceeds Limit when I try to send a photo?

I took a photo with my Samsung M400 and tried to send it.   I get the message that Message Size Exceeds Limit.  Why do I get that, especially since I took the photo with the phone?  If it is true, what exactly is the size limit?  How can I send photos?



  • Hi Alfred,

    The Sprint network does not have any limits on MMS messaging, but compression often brings the file size down to 2 MB. However, keep in mind that MMS messages have to abide by other network provider's rules as well and they may have a limit that is preventing you to send your message. Here is one thing that you can try:

    1. From camera mode, press OPTIONS (right softkey).
    2. Use the right navigation key and highlight Resolution.
    3. Select Low
    4. Take a picture and try to send it.

    Feel free to contact our support team if you need any additional help.

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  • I have a question regarding MMS. I am doing a phone configuration for one of my phones and was wondering if there is a MMS size limit? I have been receiving failed to download MMS. The choices I have are from 100KB up to carrier has no limit. Please let me know

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  • Kevin, 

    Our GSM provider has an outbound MMS limit of 1MB. You can select the "no limit" option, and just know that if your outbound MMS exceeds 1MB, it will just fail to send. I can find no such limit for our CDMA network, but there likely is one, and it's probably around the same size. 

    If you regularly find yourself needing to send files larger than that, I recommend switching to a data-based messaging app like GroupMe or Hangouts, rather than relying on MMS.

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