Why can't I download pictures through txt messages?

I've always been unable to receive pictures via txt messages through my phone. I have  "Can send and receive picture & video messages"  enabled and I don't think my phone was on the list of unsupported devices. Is there a way I can fix this?



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  • Hi Andrew. Since pictures messages go through the mobile data network, it might be worth checking a few things. First, let's make sure that your data profile is up to date and set up correctly. The actual instructions for that update will depend on your device, so please check this link, select the appropriate device and locate the steps to perform the Profile Update. Make sure to turn wi-fi off before doing that update.

    Once that's done, try using that service to see if those messages go through. If still not going, try to browse the web with wi-fi turned off to see if you can connect to the mobile data network, which is required for picture/video messages. That will help us troubleshoot and nail down the problem. If you still have issues, please submit a support request so we can investigate that further. Make sure to provide as many details as possible through that request so we can work on that as quickly as possible.

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