Doesn't accept my ICCID number

I am trying to sign up, but this is not working for me. I can't get your phone number to respond either. So this might not be the best thing for me, if signing up is such a confusion



  • Hi Birgie!  If your ICCID is not accepted, it may not be the correct model.  Please check out our article on finding the right SIM card for your device.  If you still have trouble, an alternative to calling is our online chat - there's someone available by chat during all support hours.

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  • what consitutes a valid SIM ICCID number? I'm entering the ICCID that's in the phone I 'm trying to introduce to Ting, but it's erroring. Do I have to get a Ting SIM for the phone to work? I"m trying to swap a former  sprint iphone 5C for a former Verizon Iphone SE (the 5c is currently on the account, the SE is new to Ting). the SE checks out as compatible, based on the IMEI

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  • Maria,

    I see you already contacted Evelyn about your issue, and I just wanted to close the feedback loop for anyone else who stumbles on this thread and wonders what the issue was. 

    On GSM carriers, you can just swap SIM cards from phone to phone, and there's no issue. However, on CDMA carriers (like Ting CDMA), Sprint is really picky about which SIM cards go in which phones, and they're not interchangeable. If you wanted to change phones, you'd need a compatible SIM card for the specific model of phone.

    Evelyn realized you were trying to activate on CDMA and offered to ship out a compatible SIM card to you, so that should be on its way to you now!

    In future, you can find a compatible SIM card at -- entering the IMEI of the phone will take you to the SIM card you need.

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