So I have spent quite a few hours (I'd estimate about 45) start to finish.


1: got new HTC Detail

2: Rooted new HTC Detail with HTC Evo Shift 4g instructions successfully

3: Installed HTC EVO Shift 4g rom (MIUI) to HTC Detail

4: Bricked HTC Detail (lost all functionality besides bootloader with S off (Please google it for further details)

5: Purchased wife Motorola Photon because this was her phone. I then forgot to add my $50 dollar off TWIT offer code which I'd happily accept from Ting should they feel my contributions to this community are worthy...


I found a lovely recovery file that I have shared here via my Dropbox account. I have included EVERYTHING you need to be running your Detail just like my Detail.

This phone is not exactly like an HTC EVO SHIFT 4g but it appears to be quite similar. I am including instructions on how to install roms to your phone, AND instructions on how to fully restore your phone should you brick it like I did.


Rom/Root procedure under Windows 7/Vista

1: Download ShiftRR.exe from the links section.

2: Extract the files to the desktop (my copy is a self extracting archive)

3: Right click on ShiftRR.exe and select "Run as Administrator"

4: Select the circle "backup wimax partitions" Then select backup. (please have the phone connected to the pc via usb cable and have usb debugging enabled)

5: Select "install recovery" Point to the file " recovery-clockwork-touch-" and select install. (This installs the awesome touch recovery program used to install roms)

6: Copy and to your sd card however method you choose.

7: Rename to and place it on the root directory of your sdcard.

8: Boot your phone into the bootloader. You can do this by pulling the battery, reinserting it and pressing/holding volume down AND power simultaneously. This is your BOOTLOADER not to be confused with RECOVERY! It should say "FASTBOOT" in red up top and BOOTLOADER in blue.

9: When this happens, it will ask you to press power to update your radio. Please update it*

10: Rename after successful update.

11: Rename to and place it on the root directory of your sdcard. 

12: Rinse/repeat for wimaxpg06img.zip13: NOW: after successfully updating your wimax/radio boot into RECOVERY. You can do this by booting into the BOOTLOADER and selecting recovery.

14: Copy "Supreme" to the root directory of your sdcard.

15: Follow Supreme Sense instructions for rom install:


Go in Recovery

InSide Mounts and Storage

Format System


Format Cache

Format Data


Wipe Dalvik Cache

16: go to install sdcard from zip and browse to the supreme sense 

BAM!!! Done! You should have updated radios for supposed better reception/battery AND an awesome updated 2.3 rom that comes pre rooted.

I'm sure this guide could have about 400 revisions done to make it simple. Please use common sense.

NOW: If you failed to use common sense or like to take risks like me, here are instructions to recover your bricked HTC Detail.

1: Download my (This file contains everything ever you could need to restore your phone.)

2: Place on the root of your sdcard

3: Boot into your bootloader, it should ask you to press power to proceed. Please do.

4: All should be good at this point and you should have your phone factory restore with that silly old 2.2 and no root.

5: Give me a high five. 

***Please note that all of my files can be found on google the same way I found them.

***Please make ABSOLUTELY SURE your phone battery is charged 100% as the majority of this stuff runs off of the battery alone and won't charge. I purchased a dedicated battery charger for my phone because I was stuck with a dead battery and could not charge it to recover anything.

***I have noticed issues with sd cards not formatted as fat32. PLEASE FORMAT YOUR SDCARD FAT 32!

*The rom install may work just fine without updating the wimax/radio. This is how I did it. Don't like it? Write your own guide. 

***If you have any updates to this guide please by all means copy/paste/edit. It's the internet after all. (REMOVED DUE TO ALLEGED OWNER NOT ALLOWING MIRROR)

SUPREME SENSE X This file may or may not be the file used in my guide. I am using file Supreme 250,641,130 bytes



  • hey man not to sound mean or anything, i dont mind you linking my thread (  )in this post, but im going to have to ask you to pull the Supreme Sense link down that is hosted here, because if an issue comes up im not going to be accused and getting the blame. i have no idea what has been changed, if anything has been, but thats not the point. The point is the ROM hosted here was hosted without permission from me.

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  • I can't verify who you are so understand my position.

    I however will take the link down and point to your site. If at some point your site goes down or is no longer hosting the file I will link back to my copy.

    I have not touched the file, simply tossed it into my dropbox.

    I'm also not sure about permissions which makes me wonder if one would even need permissions to host a custom rom. Isn't there some sort of open source/gpl thing?

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  • well my name is strapped365 you should be able to read my profile here and check my gmail name, which is strapped365, thats what i go by on xda,rootzwiki,themikmik,and sdx. verify all you need, and no permission is needed to host a custom ROM that you built which here you did not, also GPL is for kernels nice try though because the Custom Kernel thats in my latest release has 2 kernel sources posted, i dont want to make a big deal out of this but when you have invested as much of your own free time into something only to see it hosted by some random internet user who didnt even have the common sense to atleast thank the guy that built it into what it is, then you would understand where im coming from

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  • Well, it is over two years, this post was made and until now someone decides to leave some input to thank Mr. Michael Higgins Jr. for his courtesy to share this files. Nobody makes any money doing this (devs and people who care to keep alive their work), me neither. I would like to call the attention, to anyone developing ROMs and stuff, you are a hero doing this but please do not miss the point: you will be a true one, only if your work is dedicated to the community without restrictions. So there is no reason to be upset when someone could not find you (that only proves how anonymous you are) to give you the credits you may deserve. When looking back in time, to all your effort invested, we realize that it was only useful, when the device you made it for, was a hot sale. And is in honor of the truth to acknowledge, that without servers to host your work, all that tremendous effort will be lost. So lets start a crusade, to preserve this efforts. Thanks for reading.

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