Need help getting MSL code for HTC design 4G

I am in the middle of bringing in HTC design 4g for my ting service but

I am having hard time extracting the MSL for my HTC design 4g, that I want to use with Ting. I couldn't root the phone because it has latest update installed. All other methods I found in the internet failed for some reason. So, I have to find out someone who has a sprint account with premium data services, who can activate this phone online for 1 minute and then revert it back to their original phone. This will send out an email to the customer which will have the MSL code.This will require about 5 minutes of your time.

Is there anyone who has an active sprint+premium data service and wants to help. Please send me an email to, and I will send you my ESN# so that you can help, this is the only thing you need to activate it in your account for 1 minute or so.





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  • Please send me your phone#, I will probably text you.

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