Hacking from a Brio to a Vero


I haven't had much success trying to buy a used Ting (non Brio) feature phone for my mother-in-law so I'm throwing out a question to the group. I know some people have tried to use the Brio as a donor phone for a non-Ting smartphone with no luck. Was the failure related to the data services? If so, would someone, in theory, be able to use a Brio as a donor to go to a Vero (say one that someone had already used as a donor and does not need) and make it functional again on Ting?


Just wondering how simple this process would be? Is it something that people know CAN be done or would it be uncharted waters still. I might be willing to buy one for about the $70 I would have bought a Vero for on Ting, when they were available, if someone did the legwork or if its a very simple thing to do, I might consider buying the components to do myself.


Given the long wait for a Ting feature phone release and the amount of people who just want something like a Vero for a relative who can't handle the Brio's small buttons, I assume others may be interested in this as well.






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