Flash LTE phone, can access SMR800 3G (or LTE1900)?

If I flash an LTE sprint phone with a brio's esn/data profile, will the new LTE phone be able to access the 3g on SMR800 for network vision sites? Thinking about it, LTE probably won't work because it has different data profiles (presumably). 



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  • If you can get the phone programmed properly, everything should work. I haven't heard any reports of LTE working on Ting yet, but that doesn't mean it's not possible. It really depends on what the LTE provisioning is like, but I would imagine it may not work because LTE works on a SIM framework which authenticates in a different manner. It's up in the air though.

    Calls, texts, 3G, etc can all function with any CDMA phone that is programmed correctly. See the forums for descriptions of how others got this working.

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