Does anyone know...

If it is possible to root a LG Thrill P925 to this service ??  I am tired of paying, 130 .00 a month, for a AT&T service and not being able to see the bill, since I am on with another phone ??



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  • If I recall correctly, the LG Thrill is an AT&T GSM phone. GSM is a different protocol and not compatible with the Sprint CDMA service that Ting uses. There are two types of cell protocols deployed in the US: GSM and CDMA. AT&T/T-Mobile use GSM and Verizon/Sprint use CDMA. The two protocols are different and not compatible. A single phone only has a radio chip that will work with just one of these protocols. You would have to get a different phone (a CDMA one) to be compatible with Ting.

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