What download speeds are you getting with your phone flashed onto Ting?

On the long discussion about using Kyocera Brio as a donor, people are reporting some very slow speeds on 3G. I'd like to know what 3G (and 4G) speeds people are getting on their phones that were brought to Ting with a donor, so there can be a reference point of speeds to expect.

Please list if you can:

Donor Phone:

Target phone:

Download speed with speedtest Android app

Upload speed with speedtest Android app



  • Donor Phone: Kyocera Brio

    Target phone: EVO 4G (Sprint)

    Download speed with speedtest Android app: 120-130kbps

    Upload speed with speedtest Android app: 130-150kbps

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  • I like to test in kiloBYTES per second (kB/s), as modern computers / files display sizes / download speeds in kilobytes, not kilobits.

    Donor Phone: Sanyo Vero

    Target phone: Sprint Nexus S 4G

    OS: Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich

    with Speedtest Android app:

    at home: three tests: again, these are kiloBYTES per second)

    1. 72 kB/s down ,86 kB/s up
    2. 139.2 kB/s down, 50 kB/s up
    3. 113.2 kB/s down, 60 kB/s up

    at work: three tests, never had great results here on Boost either:

    1. 54 kB/s down,  44 kB/s up
    2. 15 kB/s down, 3 kB/s up
    3. 19 kB/s down, 3 kB/s up
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  • Yea, I'm having the same slow speed with a Brio donor. Using the Vero as a donor gets you full 3G speed (i.e. as fast as the tower can go).

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  • I'm not sure why that's the case; the Vero technically isn't a 3G phone after looking at the source online elsewhere. I think.

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  • Yeah, but the Vero has keys for both profiles. The Brio only gives you one AAA key.

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  • Ah, that would do it. What about the one fellow who got the other key from the memory dump? Didn't that happen?

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  • I've only got one key in my file, so you'd have to ask him why he got two.

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