AP Mobile data usage and battery drain

Hey folks,

We've helping a customer address a complaint of battery drain and bandwidth usage on the AP Mobile app with the Samsung Galaxy SII (Epic 4G Touch).

We (Ting customer service) have recommended the AP Mobile app update frequency be set to 'None'. We're waiting to see if that setting has any affect. Some (non-Ting) customers (out there in Internet-land) have complained this setting makes no difference. I thought I'd ping people here to see if there's any tribal knowledge or related experiences around the app.

Anybody else having trouble with this app? Can you share your experience?



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  • Some of those news programs come with background services that are always running and always sucking down bandwidth and updating the program's content (articles/pictures/videos) even when it isn't being viewed. They do this so they can provide an "instant viewing" experience to the customer, but that comes at the cost of CPU cycles and bandwidth. Some of them will let you set in the options to not update in the background or only update when on wifi. I don't know about the "AP Mobile" program firsthand, but have played with enough similar programs to basically hate them all. I tend to limit the number of background processes I have running to the bare minimum.

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