generic instructions on how to hack your way to Ting?

Hey all,

I think it's pretty cool that Ting is facilitating an army of hackers. Looking forward to trying the service.

I've recently gotten CyanogenMod on my TMobile G2 (HTC Vision / HTC Desire Z), and I don't really know what to do next. At this point, what does it normally take to get a phone connected with ting?

I'm aware that probably no one has tested my particular model with ting (it's getting old), but what is the approach that people are using to hack newer phones? Do I need to have a new Ting phone first, which I will later sell?





  • Michael, unfortunately, a TMobile phone will not be able to be hacked to Ting.  TMobile uses GSM cellular technology, and Ting (through Sprint) uses CDMA.  So, you can only use phones with a CDMA antenna in them.  The most generic way of thinking of it is, if you need a SIM card to make your phone work, it will NOT work on Ting.  There are a few minor exceptions to that rule, but it is the easiest one to go by.

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  • darn... thanks for the reply.

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