Add / Hack a Verizon Droid X for Text Only for elderly parent?

My 82 yo mother is already on my Verizon plan with a feature phone, voice only, $10/month. Can't add texting to her phone because that would force us into a limited data plan. (I have 3 users with grandfathered, unlimited data using over 20G/month on 4G.)

My Mom is almost deaf but desperately wants to communicate with her only grandchild at college. She can't understand his voice calls.

Adding a text only, Ting plan seems to be the perfect, low cost solution. And, a QWERTY keyboard (physical or screen) would be the easiest for her to understand (not a feature phone).

After upgrades this year, I now have two, unused Droid X phones. Doesn't make sense to buy her another phone when I have two.

I've searched the forums and Q&A but can't find an answer to my unusual needs. Do I first have to purchase a Ting phone to get a new cell number and then hack one of the Droids to work under that new number? Is hacking a Verizon Droid X to be Ting compatible even possible?

I'm confused. Any advice or other ideas would be greatly appreciated!



  • Hi Karen,

    I moved this thread to the Hacks forum because it's both better suited here, as well as more likely to get a response.

    Good luck to you!

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  • My suggestion would be for you to purchase a refurbished Samsung Transform Ultra from Ting. If offers a physical keyboard for your mother and only costs $76 plus tax.

    If the Droid X's have clean ESN's ( or even not) they can be flashed to Boost or MetroPCS, additional selling point) sell one of the Droid X's on Craigslist to cover the cost.

    It will cost you more to purchase a donor phone from Ting (plus the time/stress of cloning) than to buy one already ready to use.

    Let us know what you decide and how it turns out.

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  • As far as I know no off-network phones can be put on Sprint's network, even through the prepaid divisions (Boost/Virgin). MetroPCS and Cricket will probably take their ESNs, at least short-term -- MetroPCS is being purchased by T-Mobile and the CDMA network will go away in 2015.

    Anyway, definitely mention whether the Droid X's have clean ESNs when selling them, but let the buyer worry about flashing them to another carrier.

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