Carbon Rom for Ting!

CarbonRom is an aftermarket firmware based on the Android Open Source Project.  We are dedicated to fast, stable, and feature-filled roms, honesty and communication with our users, and openness with our code. We like frequent builds, with the very latest and greatest hardware support and fixes. We strive to not only provide you with the best rom we can build, but also to give back to the Android community and our fellow developers. For us, this is about creating something we can be proud of and hope you will enjoy.

I'm happy to announce that we now officially support three ting devices: the Galaxy s3, the Note 2, and the Galaxy Nexus.  We hope to support Epic 4g Touch users soon!

Here are just a few of our features:

  • Android 4.2.2
  • Comprehensive speed enhancements, including Linaro -O3 and processor-specific optimizations
  • Unofficial Voodoo Sound support on Note 2 and i9300 devices.
  • Option to hide lockscreen hints
  • Carousel lockscreen
  • Customizable lockscreen buttons and sliders
  • Chronus clock widget
  • Customizable hardware and software keys
  • Transparent navbar and status bar
  • Customizable navbar ring
  • Navigation bar widgets
  • Customizable power menu
  • Notification power widget
  • Notification brightness adjustment
  • Customizable quicksettings panel
  • Statusbar mods including center clock and color
  • LCD Density
  • Theme engine
  • Quiet hours
  • Volume rocker music controls
  • Full Rotation
  • Customizable battery and notification light
  • More that haven't even been mentioned, and more to come!

Downloads of Carbon can be found on our page or in the goomanager app. You can find us by browsing to carbon on or by searching for compatible roms for your device. Just about any Google Apps package for JB 4.2.1 should work, though we've provided a link below if needed. Suggested GApps are linked right in goomanager as well. Once Carbon is installed, goomanager will now notify you of future Carbon updates as well!

If downloading via the page, please be sure to know which device you are using prior to downloading. All files are listed according to the specific device code name. We cannot be responsible for what happens if the wrong files are flashed to your device! We recommend using the goomanager app and searching for a compatible rom if you are unsure.

Downloads and more information available here:



  • Looks fun, thanks! Are you guys planning supporting the BYOD whitelist devicies that have CM10 support?

    Those phones are a lot cheaper to source and are thus much more amenable to being playing with compared to the $400+ devices currently supported.

    epicmtd, i9100, and crespo4g are all popular devices flooded on ebay and make good targets.

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  • How about original Epic 4g (slider)? Unjustified has a unofficial ported version ( Just wondering if you were willing to do an official :)

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  • Jesse,

    I agree about the Epic 4G. That's the CM epicmtd that Ryan mentioned. I am currently running CM 10.0 on my Ting Epic 4G 

    Try this link & click in Stable.

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  • In order to add the E4g as an official we'll need him to submit his device trees and whatnot to our gerrit.

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  • My one question is this: Do the official supported roms/devices work fully with Ting? On my Epic I can only get everything working if I'm on a stock rom (Specifically I cannot send mms).

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  • Jesse,

    Actually, I only use MMS very occasionally. I will need to test that with CM10.0 on my Epic 4G. I know I had MMS working on the stock ROM.

    I expect that you would need to change the MMS settings while still on the stock ROM before moving to a custom ROM.

    Our phones have an advantage because developers have made a modified stock ROM that can be single booted from your SD card with Clockworkmod recovery. This allows use to boot into a stock ROM to update settings and them reboot into our custom ROM. CM uses their own recovery, but I believe it is based on CWM. Again, I need to test. Here is a web page on this ROM.


    Are you sure you are one of the devs for this ROM? According to this XDA thread, there is already a Carbon ROM build for the Epic 4G

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  • Derek,

    Your thinking is backwards. In order for us to be able to try your ROM, you need to try & support our model.

    I do not know the epicmtd developers, I just kept an eye on the XDA dorums for a while as an Epic 4G user.

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  • I'm the co-founder... so yeah.  I'm pretty sure.  The link you posted is an unofficial build, so it's not in our nightly or point releases.

    One way to see which devices we officially support is by going here: (which incidentally is running on my hardware.  Yup, I'm a Carbon Dev.)

    The other is to fire up lunch and see the supported devices list:

    derek@carbon ~/q $ . build/ && lunch

    including device/htc/shooteru/

    including vendor/carbon/

    including sdk/bash_completion/adb.bash

    You're building on Linux

    Lunch menu... pick a combo:

    1. carbon_acclaim-userdebug

    2. carbon_crespo-userdebug

    3. carbon_d2att-userdebug

    4. carbon_d2cri-userdebug

    5. carbon_d2mtr-userdebug

    6. carbon_d2spr-userdebug

    7. carbon_d2tmo-userdebug

    8. carbon_d2usc-userdebug

    9. carbon_d2vzw-userdebug

    10. carbon_d710-userdebug

    11. carbon_endeavoru-userdebug

    12. carbon_evita-userdebug

    13. carbon_grouper-userdebug

    14. carbon_hercules-userdebug

    15. carbon_i605-userdebug

    16. carbon_i777-userdebug

    17. carbon_infuse4g-userdebug

    18. carbon_i9100-userdebug

    19. carbon_i9300-userdebug

    20. carbon_i9305-userdebug

    21. carbon_l900-userdebug

    22. carbon_m7-userdebug

    23. carbon_maguro-userdebug

    24. carbon_mako-userdebug

    25. carbon_manta-userdebug

    26. carbon_maserati-userdebug

    27. carbon_n7000-userdebug

    28. carbon_n7100-userdebug

    29. carbon_quincytmo-userdebug

    30. carbon_shooteru-userdebug

    31. carbon_skyrocket-userdebug

    32. carbon_solana-userdebug

    33. carbon_spyder-userdebug

    34. carbon_t0lte-userdebug

    35. carbon_t0lteatt-userdebug

    36. carbon_t0ltetmo-userdebug

    37. carbon_targa-userdebug

    38. carbon_tilapia-userdebug

    39. carbon_toro-userdebug

    40. carbon_toroplus-userdebug

    41. carbon_umts_spyder-userdebug

    42. carbon_ville-userdebug

    Which would you like? [full-eng]


    Like I said, we'd be happy to add Epic to our lineup if the person porting it wants to push it to our gerrit and maintain it.


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  • I don't have it backwards at all.  We don't like to blind dev.  We don't have an Epic.  It gets added by someone a) sending us an epic or b) someone with an epic deciding they want to maintain it for Carbon.  This is how just about every team works, including CyanogenMod.  You'll notice we already support multiple ting devices in that list, including the E4gT, which was added when someone stepped up to maintain it.

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  • Derek,

    Sorry for the assumption. Your ROM pages indicated that you had already got the device trees from CyanogenMod.

    Perhaps the developer who started the XDA thread could help.

    I know our pone is unusual to support. to get CM ported, they needed to move the phone from Samsung's ril partitioning to MTD so the partition sizes could be adjusted to fit the CM ROM. Any developer would need to provide support for that too.

    Please let us know if somebidy comes up with a version we Epic users can test.

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  • I talked to the developer of the unofficial version and he said he would contact the carbon devs. I think he no longer has an Epic (many of the epic 4g devs are still porting roms even though they no longer have the device) so I doubt he'd be able to maintain it..

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  • Hi folks,

    Soon-to-be owner of a Galaxy S4 here! Looking forward to it!

    I was wondering if anyone has tried custom Sprint ROMs on Ting. I ask because Ting doesn't support/allow Sprint's Galaxy S4 (for MMS issues, supposedly), so I'm wondering if flashing a custom ROM made for a Sprint S4 on to a Ting S4 might cause messaging or other issues.


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  • I'm pretty sure there is a couple people on XDA that have reported their S4 working on Ting. In some regards there is no such thing as a Sprint rom, or a Ting rom. The only difference is basically rules that the rom has as to how to connect to things. You SHOULD be able to follow this guide to get everything working on any android that you can activate on sprint (since ting does use sprint's network after all)

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  • 0
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  • That's exactly what I was wondering about/looking for. Thanks Jesse!

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  • Waiting for the ET4G version :)

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  • 4G does not work on my GS3 at all with Carbon.

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  • Berner, you might need to do *#*#3282#*#*  Then go to View, then to Advanced and make sure LTE is enabled. Best I recall it works the same on Carbon as on CM (I'm currently on CM but have used Carbon also on my GNex) if it isn't enabled you can go back to the Edit and Advanced and enable it. You will need your MSL number, if you don't know it its in the Ting dashboard for your device.

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  • Berner... sorry just noticed you have a SIII, I had Galaxy Nexus on the brain so that may not be the same.

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  • After a lot of googling, I was able to fix it with the flashable zip here:

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