Motorola Photon 4G with non-stock ROM

Just a quick FYI for Motorola Photon 4G users.  I BYOD'd my Photon from Sprint but had to flash back to the stock ROM so that Ting could activate it.  As soon as I did, upon booting up it did hands-free activation and worked perfectly.  I then flashed back to the ROM I use and it works as I expect.

Special note to those with Motorola Photon 4Gs with locked boot loaders - there is a ROM out there that will work with the locked boot loader and is MUCH MUCH faster and more stable than the garbage Motorola shipped with the device.  It's a stock/CM7 hybrid by peetr, you can find it at xda-developers.  This ROM works fine with the Motorola Photon locked bootloader, but you will have no 4G (as with most ROMs on this phone).  It is generally very stable and I've been using it heavily for months with few of the aggravations Motorola's crappy software caused 50 times a day.

Motorola makes good hardware and god-awful software. After they screwed Photon 4G buyers by locking our boot loaders, I'll never own another Motorola Mobility product again, but since I don't need to drop $600 on a new phone just yet, I have a nice happy medium working on Ting - I'm saving over $50/mo from Sprint and the phone actually works pretty reliably, which it didn't with Motorola's own stock ROM.  (The dialer froze on me when I was dialing 911 - that was the last straw.)

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