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Hello all,


Installed CM10 (most stable version) ROM on my phone.  However, now I can't receive data.  tried to go to network settings, but.... no APN option.  So, not really sure what to do.  I like the ROM since it is lightweight and bloatware-free, but I'm not sure how to how to fix APN or if it's even an APN issue.  Thoughts?






  • Same problem for me! Can't figure it out. Tempted to go to Paranoid Android or something else. Haven't found a solution yet, but eagerly awaiting one... 


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  • Hi Alex,


    I never got it to work but here is some advice.  As far as I know, this happens because Sprint requires PRL and Profile updates.  If you have the stock ROM, these options are under Settings -> System update and if you try CM, you'll see that those options are not there.  HOWEVER, there are some suggestions that I've gotten:

    1. Backup the stock rom, flash CM, backup CM rom, use ROM manager to return to stock rom.  Update the PRL and profile and then return to CM rom and see if the problem is solved.

    2. Get both backups and return to stock rom again.  Update PRL and profile and use a file utility to save the APN settings file (apns-conf.xml, I believe) and store a copy of the file.  Flash back to CM and overwrite the apns-conf.xml file with the one you stored.


    Most people seem to have luck with either of these methods but I did not.  Your mileage may vary.  Also, you might have to do this every time Sprint wants to push an update through the network, so you should decide whether it's worth your effort (these things take about 10-20 mins btw).

    If you DON'T want to do this every time, the alternative is to use a ROM that's based on touchwiz (which is what samsung's proprietary rom is called).  Google it; there is a list somewhere.  If you are having trouble, I can try to dig it up for you.



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  • Thanks for the help, Phil. I went with a different TouchWhiz-based ROM, and I think I'll stick with this for now. I hope there's an easier solution that comes up eventually... I loved CM when it lasted. 


    • Alex
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  • I just switched over to Ting with CM10.1 - the easiest thing to do is to follow the instructions here:

    to create a stock rom that runs off of your SD card. boot in to that and you can update the PRL, etc and then just go right back in to your custom rom.

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