What can be removed from Kyocera Milano without breaking the phone?

I just got a Kyocera Milano off Amazon, new in the box Sprint branded, and I have it up and running with Ting just fine.

It looks like there are a lot of apps on the phone that are probably not needed and just taking up space, but I wanted to check to see if any of them are really needed before deleting them and trashing my phone.

Starting with the biggest memory users:

Google Play services and Google Play Store

If I'm installing apps via the web I'm guessing I don't need the Play Store, which would save me 10meg of internal storage. Play Services is 15meg, but assuming I need that to make the apps work.

Maps:Seems like a memory hog, almost always running. Is there an alternative thats less demanding on the phone?


Small but I have no idea what it is

Sprint ID

Sprint Installer

Sprint Mobile Wallet

Sprint ZoneI'm assuming I can kill all of these, let me know if I'm wrong.

If you have any other suggestions for streamlining this phone I'd appreciate them.





  • Certainly keep Play services and the Store.  You will break apps that do licencing calls on the market if you do.

    Google Maps... honestly I haven't found a worthy alternative.  Google Maps just has everything nailed as far as I'm concerned but feel free to explore the market.

    Moneykick... is there an app called Shopkick on your phone?  This is a not a system app at all and can be removed.

    Feel free to stop/remove those Sprint Apps.  They have some purpose on sprint service so are not really bloatware or anthing but not needed at all.

    If you want to remove these things, there are great apps to back up and restore apps, as well uninstall any app on your phone. 

    Honestly one of the best ways to streamline Android experience is to run a custom ROM like cyanogen, or a stripped down and unbranded stock ROM for that phone.   I do not know how comfortable you are with rooting your phone and putting a custom OS on it.  I could give you my contact info if you wanted help with the process but I warn it is in major warranty voiding land.  

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  • Before removing apps, I recommend freezing them to confirm they're not needed. Some can be frozen in the built-in application manager by drilling down to the screen that has the force stop option. If Disable is not greyed out, then you can disable that way. Others are not through this method, but if the phone is rooted, there are several apps that can override. I use TitaniumBackupRoot for this and to make app backups I can restore if needed.

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  • +1 to freezing apps before you remove them.  

    Of the ones you listed, I know for a fact only Play store and its services are a requisite. Even then only if you are interested in installing Market apps (like 99% of people). None of the things listed are required for the phone to work.  Any Sprint apps can be removed safely, but beyond that I HIGHLY suggest freezing/disabling an app first to make sure it will not break any dependencies like Michael says. 

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