An iOS iPhone workaround for TING

It's a work around, not a solution.  A lot of people have a lot invested in their iOS devices (device plus apps) this is a way to switch to TING and maintain most of your investment until TING gets an iPhone/iPad.  

I bought a refurbished LG Optimus S from TING, the cheapest phone with mobile hotspot.  

I ported my iPhone number to Google Voice (excellent tutorials on setting up GV Using Google Voice on your Ting phone : Ting Help & Support ) and had a new number issued to the TING phone.  I routed my GV number (old iPhone number) to my TING phone.

I turned off my AT&T service to the iPhone and iPad.  Essentially I turned my iPhone into an iTouch.  Installed Google voice on all of my devices.  

I don't make or receive many voice calls, so it's not too much of a pain to have the LG for voice calls.  

When I'm around work or the house, the iDevices connect on my local wifi routers.  When I'm in the car, I turn the LG TING hotspot on and my iDevices connect via the TING account.  As long as I remember to turn off the hotspot when I get to work or at home, forcing my iDevices to switch back to the wifi networks, I don't run up much of a TING bill usually.  

Because I'm using GV for my telephone number, the TING LG stays plugged-in out in the car most of the time.  If my GV rings, I'll catch it on the computer or Skype back.  

Since my AT&T voice/data/messaging bill was between $150-175 dollars per month PLUS the AT&T data plan for the iPad ($25/month), I'm saving BIG with not too much trouble to myself.  

Like I say, it's a workaround, not a solution, but to save $1200 a year, I'll deal with it.  If the iPhone ever gives up the ghost and if TING doesn't get an iPhone, I might switch to a highend Android device.  But this is the most cost effect use of my investment I could come up with.  



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  • I imagine you can also use the iPhone with Talkatone to receive as well as make calls when you are on wifi (via home or the mobile hotspot) or is there some other reason that you say you imply a need to use the LG Ting phone or computer or Skype to call?


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