Installing Cyanogen on a Ting Samsung Galaxy S3

Ensure you have backed up all of your photos etc first and that you have synced your contacts with google etc.

I have successfully installed Cyanogen mod 10.10.1 on my Samsung Galaxy S3. Everything seems to work.

The phone had already been registered with Ting and used for months with stock firmware but I wanted to get rid of the unwanted "extras" Samsung pre installed.

I followed these instructions:

With the following rom (I chose 'stable'):

Additionally I downloaded google apps from here:

I used Ubuntu.

I downloaded the 32 bit version of Heimdall (despite being on a 64bit machine).

For the adb steps, I simply:

sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb

The instructions for "adb push" are lacking in detail. The process is (sudo is important):

sudo adb start-server

sudo adb push /sdcard/

sudo adb push /sdcard/

Hope that helps.



  • Were you able to change your MMS URL in order to send MMS messages? I've tried the usual Ting menu number but it no longer works. Everything else works great!

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  • Hey guys, in on the same phone same canogenmod too. I was wondering what settings you were using for Settings > wireless & network > mobile networks

    Data enabled, data roaming, national data roaming all checked.

    Network mode CDMA evdo checked.

    Anyhow, it feels to me that I should get 4G from time to time, at least when in a major metropolitan area. But at the moment the best I've been getting is 3g.

    Any thoughts?

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