Advice on Optimus S to dinc2 conversion

My girlfriend is finally joining Ting and has ordered a victory.  She has a HTC Droid Incredible 2 that has an iffy charging port.  I am going to try to repair the port, if I do, I have an old Opti S to use as a donor to try to bring the dinc2 in, which I would like to do, as the dinc2 is a tad better than my current LG Marquee.

I know I will have to get the ESN/MEID, AAA, and HA passwords from the Optimus, and put them in the dinc.  Since verizon phones get their PRL from dialing *228 rather than a menu option, I presume I will have to find a good PRL and load it in too.

I am familiar with rooting and roms with android, but I have never dug this deep.  Anybody with pointers or specific info or links would be a great help.  I have started doing research and I have the tools I need on the optimus side I believe, but more info and advice would be greatly appreciated!



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  • Well, here is an update on this.  I have seen that the DINC2 is flashable to Boost, so it should be flashable to Ting.  I have replaced the bad charging port, and as an additional wonder, I have broken the screen on my Marquee which is my daily driver.

    So, now I can use either the Optimus S or the Marquee as a donor phone.  I have not seen info on using the marquee, but I have seen that some people had issues retrieving the HA and AAA from the Opti S.


    So, since I am ready to make the plunge, can anyone offer insight?  I have a few key questions.  One, should the donor device be activated before the transfer or should I activate teat MEID after?  What about  PRL and Profile?  Verizon/DINC2 use a dialer code to initiate a PRL update whereas spriunt devices use a software menu.  Can I rip a valid PRL from another Ting phone or do I have to find one online somewhere.  I do not know if there is even a standard format for PRL, I would assume so, but am not sure.  Should the target device be rooted?  I dont think it has to be since I will be using external tools to push the changes to the phone, but I want to be sure.


    Thanks for ANY links, advice, rants or help!

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