HTC One [m7spr] Favorite ROMs?

What custom ROMs are you using? Any problems? Any recommendations?


I just upgraded from the Evo Shift to the HTC One. I used to run AOKP on my Shift [been about 4-5 years now].

Here is what I gather for the HTC One, m7spr:

It is still in development [nightly]. I didnt use this directly, but I used derivatives of it, so correct me if I am wrong.

I found the GPS is completely useless in this at the moment. If you use maps, you will see the GPS update like once every 10 seconds, so it is impossible to use even for walking directions.

  • AOKP [Android Open Kang Project] -
    Running Android 4.2.2, AOKP is derived from Cyanogenmod, so it is missing GPS support as well.
    I recommend the version Milestone 2, if you don't want to take a chance with nightly.

I did notice that the signal gets lost every so often, so I have to go into mobile settings & re-choose the network mode.

It does not come with Google apps [Gapps] pre-installed since those are proprietary software, so you are required to download that separately.  See below for links.

My favorite ROM [likely because I been with it so long], but I had to change to a different ROM for stability.

  • Vanilla RootBox
    Running Android 4.2.2, RootBox is derived from Cyanogenmod, so it is missing GPS support as well.
    It also derives from many other sources like AOKP, so you may be familiar with it if you're switching from another ROM.

Out of the box, the mobile works without me having to fiddle around with the settings.

This does not come with Gapps as well, so see below.

Another ROM I like & use.

According to the instructions, "You MUST relock your bootloader prior to using this RUU". Make sure you keep this in mind if you return to stock.

Eww, stock....I had issues with the custom ROMs, so I went back to a rooted stock [odexed].  1st thing I did was delete everything app with the word "HTC" or "Htc" attached to it; I cleared out 316MB of mostly useless bloat.  :P

That ended up deleting Gallery so I couldn't set my wallpaper, so instead of restoring the apps, I just downloaded the app Gallery ICS from:

Gapps, for ROMs without it:

It is important you get the right version of Gapps, or the apps wont work. You should re-install your ROM if you choose the wrong one.

Don't install this if your ROM already comes with Google apps. How can you tell? 



  • Check out this site they list a lot of cool ROMS.  I have an Evo 4g LTE (jewel) and am currently running rEVOLTed, which is a pretty decent Sense ROM.  The only problem I have is that I can not seem to send mms/pictures with any other ROM than stock.  Any thoughts on that?

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  • TBH I dont use messaging on my phone, so I was not aware of that. :P

    If its a Sense ROM, I have no clue. 

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  • I don't have an HTC one, but I've been using SlimROM on my galaxy S2 and S3. I typically switch ROMs every month or so, but i've been on slim for many months now. Its been very stable and runs smooth and great battery life. They have their own slim gapps so you can switch between inverted or the stock look on the fly. Slim supports the m7spr device, I suggest you check it out! It uses CM as a base, so any issues you have on CM will likely be present on Slim.


    Johnathan, you will need to change the APNs on AOSP type ROMs. You'll need to use a custom launcher (like apex or nova) to access the APN list and edit it to make sure the MMSC points to I haven't ran stock on my S3 since I activated it and i've been sending and receiving MMS just fine.

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  • Kool! thanks for the suggestion

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  • Jeffery could you walk me through that process?  I had been using SlimRom and then Bean Stalk but I've been bouncing around roms to try and figure out how to get mms to work.  I definitely appreciate the help.

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  • Download the apex launcher from the play store, that's what I'm using so use that app as reference.

    Once you have apex launcher working:

    press and hold the home screen

    choose shortcuts

    choose activites

    scroll down to Settings (

    scroll down to APNs (.settingsApnSettingsActivity)

    Click on the new shortcut created on the homescreen

    You'll see a list of your APNs. Edit the ones you are using. For me, I have to edit the ones that started with APN2. The other APNs were blank.

    You'll see an entry for MMSC

    enter this for the value:

    press the menu button on your phone and save it

    repeat for the other APNs that you need to edit. If you're not sure, just edit the MMSC for all of them. Don't forget to save it after editing an entry.

    Restart the phone and MMS should be working

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  • the settings should stick even when you switch ROMs. If you switch between AOSP roms and Sense ROMs, it might reset the settings though. Just repeat the steps again to check that the MMSC value is still pointing to:

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  • Well this could be my problem then.  The rom i have now has apex so no issues there but the only entries with APN I have are

    .ApnSettings - which is empty

    CdmaApnSettings - has Internet (n.t8.ispsn)

    There is no settingsApnSettingsActivity



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  • If someone has picture mms working on their HTC phone would you be able to post what settings are located in the APN so I can see what is wrong with mine.  

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