Need help with getting a Sprint Galaxy3 to accept system updates

Hi I was asked by Ting support to throw my question out to the ting army for help. Some background on my phone, it's a Sprint galaxy 3 that I picked up on ebay and did a factory reset and activated to ting with no issues. Then a few days after it tried to do a system update and it started to fail after it initiated. I included some screen's mentioning 'signature verification file failed. The ting support is mentioned 'rooting' (which to be honest I don't know anything about the process). Ting is telling me I should try to get information on how to where to get the stock ROM to fix my phone. Has anyone run into this issue? and if so, any help would be appreciated. 




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  • The presence of Clockwork recovery on your phone indicates that at some point it has certainly been rooted.  This means that you will be unable to update your phone using the OTA (over the air) updates.  This doesn't mean it is impossible to update your phone.  If you are enjoying the stock experience there are numerous resources for maintaining stock rooted firmware on your phone.  There is a thread on the XDA forum with the files you need to update to the latest stock software and kernal versions here:

    You can download the .zip file to your phone and then use clockwork recovery to flash the file.  You would install the upgrade in CWM by booting into recovery (your screenshots show you there) select install zip from sdcard--> choose zip from sdcard--> navigate to download folder --> and select the file you downloaded--> select yes--> sit back as your phone is updated.  Navigate back to the main menu and select reboot system now.

    Alternatively you can select from any number of custom software packages.  CyanogenMod is a popular one.  You can download the latest stable package of their software here: and install it the same way mentioned above. 

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