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Background:  I've got a phone that was activated on Ting, but now appears to have a bad motherboard.  I've got an identical phone that fails the financial eligibility test.  The former owner has called Sprint and everything is cool, she even got an unlock code.  Of course, now I am in possession of the the phone (which isn't activated) and have no idea what to do with the unlock code.  I can't get anyone at Sprint to talk to me since I don't have an account with them. 

Q1:  Is there a way I can use this unlock code and get the phone activated?

Q2:  Is there a way to swap the esn from my damaged phone to the new one?

I realize that Ting will credit me the cost of the new phone, I've also got a coworker who wants it, so getting my money back isn't an issue.  I was just lucky enough to get the phone at about 50% of what they usually sell for (Samsung S3).  I should also mention that due to location CDMA is really the only option of coverage I have.



  • You should call Ting.  The Financial eligibility Check is new and it giving Ting some headaches.  

    You can read more about the Financial Eligibility Check here:

    If you are having trouble getting Ting on the phone, please be patient with with them, they are swamped with the issues from the new financial eligibility check and the new GSM network:  Read here for more information:

  • Been there and done that.  They are unable to help other than credit me the cost of the phone as I stated above.  Ting has been great, but can't do anything in this situation.

  • I've read that Bruce and am working with the seller to coordinate a time when she can be on the phone with Sprint, and I can be an email or text away to do what they want her to do. 

    I asked my questions with the assumption that we wouldn't be successful.

  • Happy to help a fellow Ting user.

  • My questions still stand. 

  • Q1: No. The MEID (ESN) for your phone is listed on a "Do not Activate" list somewhere deep in the heart of sprint's bureaucracy, and they seem to have no interest helping anyone who is not directly giving them money on a monthly basis. The unlock code you have complies with the new rules regarding being allowed to leave sprint, but the new rules say nothing about being allowed to join, so they simply made up their own rules, and nothing anyone seems to say will change them.

    Q2: No. The MEID (ESN) is hard coded to the phone. Trying to swap it would be a little like trying to change the VIN on your car.

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