LS980 cm12 Nightlies and Working Ting?

I'm downloading the prerequisites now and hoping to install morning.  Anyone have any first hand knowledge of whether it will work or not?



  • Yeah! Works great... I know CM has the Ting APN settings, but they may or may not work. I have used the LG G2 on CM12, and various Roms and all worked out great. Keep in mind however; CM12 uses ZV8 radios, which do not have Spark network activated. 

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  • Hello Kristen, 

    I too have an LS980. Just flashed CM12. Having issues with the APN, and any forums I have found have not yet been helpful. 

    Are you currently running CM12 on your LS980, and if so, what are you APN settings?


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  • Name: LTE

    APN: n.t8.ispsn

    Proxy: Not set

    Port: Not set

    Username: Not set

    Password: Not set

    Server: Not set


    MMS proxy: Not Set

    MMS port: 80

    MCC: 310

    MNC: 120

    Authentication type: Not set

    APN type: default, mms

    APN protocol: IPv4

    APN roaming protocol: IPv4

    Bearer: Unspecified

    MVNO type: None

    I use the app "TellInfo",  Selecting Phone Info, and make sure LTE/CDMA/EvDo is selected.

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  • I however; switched back to Cloudy2.2 because everything works, and the camera is perfect. 


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  • BOOM! You are awesome.

    My phone is alive and well!

    Thanks so much Kristen!

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  • I just did a fresh install and have no data. ting apn is an option but not selectable so i entered it manually to no avail. What can i be doing wrong?

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  • I'm doing what is is stated here, but I can't get 4G... I just keep going back and forth between "searching for signal" and 3G.

    The APN settings I put in don't seem to stick.. and I have no idea what the point of Tellnfo is. I could really use some help! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

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