US Cellular Galaxy S3 CDMA - Is There A Way?

Would really like to keep my S3.  Just wondering if there is a way to bring it over from US Cellular?



  • If the phone is inactive, does it pass the Ting checker at ? If not, it would not be officially supported.

  • It's active. I was just going to switch that one over before and it said it was good during the first check, then something went wrong at the later step.  But I don't think I'm able to move it on to Sprints network without unlocking or some other tweak right?  May impression is that you can't just transfer these phones to the Sprint network without making some kind of changes.

  • US Cellular unlocking policy

    The phone would need to be unlocked. have you tried the checker to see what it says?

    You are probably best to call, email. or chat with Ting support. Please let us know what transpires.

  • I'm in a similar situation. My USC Galaxy S4 passed the Ting BYOD checker, I got it unlocked; but apparently you can't access the APN settings to activate Ting's service. I'm hoping someone knows how to hack into the APN settings and make the changes. I know very little about these things, but am willing to try in order to activate this phone.

  • Funny I'm just coming to this now, because of the new post on April 7, but I see the conversation from March 12 with a response that doesn't make sense.

    The discussion of unlocking seems irrelevant with a CDMA Galaxy S3, because it has a soldered in permanent SIM that's not user accessible and can't be changed.  I think it would just be a matter of if the ESN passes the checks for Ting/Sprint to activate it.

    OK, Conan, regarding changing the APN, that requires having the MSL (master subsidy lock) code for your phone to allow you to modify those.  It is a 6 digit number unique to your phone that is kind of like a password.  I'm not sure if Ting would have a way to get that, or if U.S. Cellular would need to provide that to you.

  • Rocky, thanks for the tip. It's the first lead I've gotten. I'll check with USCellular tomorrow about getting the MSL code.

  • Everything I read was that this was not worth pursuing. I'm a techie so I'm not afraid of getting into it.  I make my own flavor of Linux distribution that I run for personal and business.  There is no real clear information out there but it's definitely not a simple process and it sounded like you might be limited to a slower data connection even if it does work.  Compared to buying a Sprint S3 on eBay & then selling mine there it was no choice.   

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